Morgan and Blair, 2020 Business Professionals.
Image credit: Hannah Jimerson, Rosethorn Studio, LLC

Sassy Skeleton, Moonscar Productions COO
Image Credit: Hannah Jimerson, Rosethorn Studio, LLC

Blair and Morgan, Humble Beginnings circa 2012

Founded in 2018 by Blair Allison and Morgan Swank, Moonscar Productions prides itself on developing a variety of projects across film, television, commercial, theater, and the digital space. Really, anything you need, we can facilitate. We once made an ASMR commercial for SYFY, so, really anything. We are committed to working with diverse creators of all genders, ethnicity, age, and background. Our company is here to help collaborate and bring stories to life from the challenging and unconventional, to the downright horrifying. We are especially dedicated to adding to our production teams to help narrow the gap of Hollywood's gender imbalance, particularly when it comes to women and non-binary persons of color.

Brands and Studios we have worked with in the past include but are not limited to: Hulu, FX, Starburns Industries, Nickelodeon, Tongal, PayPal, Venmo, Pokemon, LEGO, Netflix, Southeastern Guide Dogs, HBO, Sesame Street Workshop, SYFY, Shipyard Healthcare, and more!

If you want to submit a pitch for consideration or just for doctoring and feedback, drop us a line and someone will get back to you. If you have questions about how we operate, we're happy to open up about company transparency, because more companies should be that way. If you just want to say hi, we'd like that also. If there's another way you'd like to work with us or talk to us about business or getting a cool Moonscar jacket, please let us know in the subject. If you would like to know more about our COO, Sassy Skeleton, they don't have vocal cords so their background is up to interpretation. We can say, they are the most photogenic of the executive staff though...

Happy haunting.

Blair and Morgan

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