Back in June 2020, the Hollywood unions of the Directors Guild, SAG-AFTRA, IATSE and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters jointly released their COVID-19 safety guidelines in a report titled The Safe Way Forward. (DOWNLOAD HERE). It's a pretty groovy, comprehensive report for productions big and small to use in order to maximize efficiency and keep talent and crew safe. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health currently recognizes these guidelines as a standard for film and television production safety protocol. We use these guidelines as our foundation on projects and we agree to follow the rules of our industry standards as well as public health standards, pandemic or not.

However, we took notice that with this pandemic, the commitment to sustainable practices have been lacking with more disposable products, plastic and non-recyclable use, and a proclivity for new, unused items instead of upcycled (pre-used) items for production from a touching standpoint. We get it! Safety first! But, this glaring problem didn't sit well with us, so we wanted to be annoying about it since these procedures aren't going away anytime soon. Safety and Sustainability can be mutually inclusive and now they have to be. 

We here at Moonscar Productions have taken the original COVID-19 report to make our own PowerPoint presentation (Cap and Scorpio here, hello!) as well as a white paper on our modified guidelines adhering to industry and national public health standards and furthering our mission to sustainability within the safety guidelines on set and in office. Feel free to take our work and make it your own for your company, industry, and give us advice and feedback on how we can better our mission! It is about keeping the world better, not our egos. 

Downloadable Collateral

Moonscar Productions COVID-19 Safety and Sustainability Powerpoint

COVID-19 Set Guidelines and Checklist (Printable PDF)

COVID-19 Set Questionnaire for cast and Crew (Printable PDF)