Creator Spotlight: Adjani Jensen


Adjani Jensen is a stylist and branding specialist working largely with the fashion and entertainment industries. She assists brands with editorial styling and helps individual contractors create and communicate their personal brand through image consulting, social media marketing, and digital optimization.  

When you think of dynamism, Adjani is the name that comes to mind. Her company Adjani Design assists with branding and styling consultation, creative collaboration and growth. Seriously, who else do you know that can help with your SEO Optimization and get you runway ready or work on your editorial shoots? When we connected on HerHeadquarters, we kind of fell in love with her business and baddest bitch in the building aesthetic.  

"I am creating a course teaching the importance of personal branding. Personal branding is the key to distinguishing yourself as an independent contractor, ensuring potential employers you are the right candidate, or securing partnerships in your industry. Simply curating a social media feed is no longer enough. My course will explain both theory and practice so you will understand the steps you are taking to establish your personal brand. This course is inspired by a talk I gave at the Power Summit presented by HerHeadquarters in June. Attached are some slides from that presentation, information that will be included in the course." -Adjani Jensen