WGA East Health Resource Database


As a Guild member, you have access to health insurance benefits in a variety of ways, depending on your current work status.

If you're a writer in screen, television, or new media working under the MBA (Minimum Basic Agreement), you may be eligible for coverage in the Writers Guild-Industry Health Fund. In order to qualify for Guild coverage, you must have accumulated and had reported to the Fund (by your signatory employer) covered earnings of at least $39,072 during a period of four or fewer consecutive calendar quarters.

Visit the WGA Pension & Health Fund website for details on eligibility and coverage.

If you're a news employee working under a WGA contract, you are probably enrolled in your employer's health benefits plan. However, members working at CBS Broadcast News are generally eligible for the Writers Guild-Industry Health Fund. Your shop steward, personnel officer, or the Guild representative assigned to your shop can provide information on your health insurance as well as on pensions, profit sharing and other benefits your employer may provide.