Management Consultation

Looking for representation? Managers from our partner boutique literary management company Beverly Road Management and various talent agents will be on hand for reads if your work is submitted.

Native Voices Fund

The Native Voices Fund is for Native American filmmakers looking for extra funding to complete projects to tell their stories. The fund can be applied to production, post, research, development, marketing, you name it! Send us an email for more information. 


Let's make a movie! Or a pilot? Or a Web series? Whatever you've got in the pipeline, we've got the tools to help and we're happy to jump on board with new clients. We specialize in genre pieces, so the more blood buckets and allegories the better. 

Script Editing

Someone from our team will give you valuable feedback for your script submission should you choose it. 

The Foxie Fund

Do you have a project needing a little extra funding? Great! Are you a female-identifying person? Do you have a project employing at least 60% female-identifying persons or have a body of work that substantially speaks to a gender issue? You might qualify for The Foxie Fund! Send us an email for proposal submission information.

Post-Production and Beyond

We have kind of the best editor around, and she's a pretty badass chick. Depending on your needs, we can work on a post strategy with our team for your work to hit the circuits to be seen and where to best spend marketing and promotion for exposure.